Our environment is the most important aspect of our business.
Because of this, we strive to find better ways to implement sustainable practices, reduce waste and protect this irreplaceable environment. With these initiatives we wish to leave our environment in a pristine state for the future generations of our global community. Many of these you will not see, but some you may notice.

Some actions you may not see include using our organic waste for our hens which produce wonderful organic free range eggs, on the vegetable and herb garden, and for the worm farm; using biodegradable and organic cleaning products; conserving water usage by reducing water volume without comprising on quality; using low-energy lighting and motion sensors; owning a glass crusher in order to crush all glass to a sand-like material which can be used on paths and for filtration; recycling waste water from our own treatment plant to feed an area of 8,000 square metres of native forest on our land; supporting the Department of Conservation with the pine tree eradication programme; nurturing and replanting our own native forest to continue to provide the natural habitat of our native bird and insect life.

Water conservation is a major feature of our environmental plan. In all new chalets, water is collected from the roofs and stored underneath and we have an additional 200,000 litres of bulk storage of water. The Marlborough Sounds is well known for slippage and in order to protect the land from this occurrence we have developed a bridal veil of water ways and drains to ensure water runoff is dispersed over a wider area.

The use of solar energy is our latest innovation and our forward planning is to convert all chalets to solar power.

"Been here many times, love the place, love the environment, love the people. I always feel I am among friends here." Glen, Queen Charlotte Track guide
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